I recently brought a WD My Book 3TB

I have a password protection on it.

But everytime I try logging in on another computer or try to disable or change my password on my laptop it says it’s not right.

Is their a way I can get around this such as fix it, 

maybe to change the password or just to remove it with out harming my data store on my hard drive?

If so could you reply and tell me how I can remove the password for I can use it on other computers with out have a error message poping up and saying error you have type in the wrong password. Unplug the usb from computer and Unplug from wall and re-do process. 

Because only at the moment it unlocks off my laptop and that’s it.






There is no way to unlock the drive or remove the security without the correct password. If you are 100% sure you are using the correct password and still says it is not correct then I recommend that you contact WD Tech Support directly.