I recenlty acquired the my passport which has a different way of saving information

I had an older time machine before getting the my passport device. The old time machine saved everything in the file on a daily basis. So you had to delete it every few days so it wouldn’t accumulate. This new device only saves if you add something new or there is a change to a file. I did not know this and thought it saved everything each day, even if the file was not changed. That is perfectly fine with me. So there is no way to change how much is saved each day? I’m just wondering if there is a way to change it if I need to. I think it is perfectly fine the way it is. So I have no plans to change it. Since I just started using it, it shows what I saved yesterday. Then it shows the previos 7 days. The previous 30 days as well. Then from last year. Then from earlier then that. Will this also change as I keep using it or it is basically showing how it will appear? If someone knows this, I’d also appreciate it.
Thank you.