I received my cloud last wednesday 8/6/2014 and I still have not been able to reach 24/7 support

When you call in to 855-556-5117 the message states that service cuts off after 5:00pm but technical help is available 24/7. No alternate contact phone number is provided. I need to contact WD’s Concierge Service which the card in the box references as one of the installation support options.

Can anyone help me connect up to a valid contact so WD Support can take over my pc and get my cloud working!!!

Does 24/7 not include the weekends? 

Thanks in advance, atljj

Just in case… it’s a my cloud 3TB…

Hi atljj, the correct number for WD Cloud products is (855) 842-5370. What problem are you having exactly? 

24/5 Phone Support for Personal Cloud Products