I placed the WD Elements Play - drivers and softwares into a renamed folder PLEASE HELP

I have done the major NO NO, I placed the drivers on the WD Elements and now my laptop cannot recognize it or there’s an error and cannot access the HDD…Please help, I am so far from the next WD manufacturing company please I hope there’s a solution to this.

what do you mean by " placed the drivers" ?

And you are far from the manufacturing company?

Do you mean you change the folder structure on the WDEP?

Yes, I did while creating folders for movies. I created a folder for the files that were originally from the WDEP to prevent from being mixed up while I was rearranging folders for movies, obviously a terrible mistake for when the laptop restarted the WDEP cannote be recognised.

We are so far from a manufacturing company, we live in Nauru this item was bought in Australia a few months back in 2011.

Please any help and advice on this matter is appreciated, the power is on but the laptop and tv cannot locate it as the drivers are no longer available.

There are no drivers for the WDEP install on the drive itself.

So I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

… or are you talking about the WD Elements PORTABLE?

Did you try downloading the firmware and installing it on the WEP?

The “drivers” you are speaking about are not stored on the disk itself, instead the firmware resides in some flash memory which is -AFAIKS- not accessible (at least not to a normal user).

P.S. The first thing I’ve done to the WEP disk is to move all existing files and directories into a new directory “WP”, without any problems.

Thanks for your response, I have downloaded the firmware and tried installing it on the WEP and the problem is that I cannot access the WEP anymore maybe because I am a normal user.

How can I access the -AFAIKS- to try and download the firmware onto my WEP. At the moment I cannot access it through my computer and even the TV cannot turn it on.

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Caution: carefully check that you are downloading the correct firmware version, the link that I’m providing may not be the correct one.

Did you follow the procedure described in this firmware download page? Don’t worry if now screen is available, just boot the WEP, plugin the USB stick and wait for 1 minute before pressing ENTER.

The tricky step is in 5: “Select OK and press ENTER.”, somebody might know, which button (left, down, …) you need to press. If not, I’ll try it myself.

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Where should I plug the usb drive after downloading the firmware? On the WED Play or the computer?


Hi, I have managed to access WEP when inserting the usb drive after trying a few times, thanks so much. I can access the folders but it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade the firmware. I am able to access all folders and if the WEP is disconnected I would have to turn it on with the usb drive inserted (this will take several tries before the WEP will be detected by the laptop). Is there any other way I can manually upgrade the firmware so the WEP perform perfectly like before I messed it up. Your assistance is really appreciated. thanks again

So the WEP finds the TV display again?

Upgrading the firmware works completely with without the WEP connected to a computer.

Just unzip the downloaded firmware into the root directory of a USB drive and plug this USB into the WEP.

Now of course your difficulties start: because you can not see the WEP prompt on the TV, you’ll need to guess which buttons to press. From the instructions:

  1. ENTER (after ~10 seconds)

  2. “select OK”: this means without display you have to try 4 times: LEFT, RIGHT, UP or DOWN (my best guess is “left”)

  3. ENTER