I phone auto backup

I have checked in forum but nothing specific to help me.
I can set my android phone to do auto backup of photos to my device using WD Photos and can choose where it saves them to. I can not find how to set up my wife,s I phone to do the same this, as the app is different, (I know apple are different}. I can not find the option to do auto backups of photos and videos, the only option is to sort using the apple store app.Is this the correct app.
any advice appreciated


You will need the My Cloud mobile app for iOS.

  • open app
  • click the little hamburger looking icon in the upper left hand corner of the app
  • select “Settings”
  • scroll down until you see AUTO BACKUP

You also have to turn off the auto lock on your iPhone in order to have the photos move to your my cloud device.

Once they are copied over, I recommend turning the auto lock back on.