I/O error


when I store data mixed with pictures and movies , the pictures transformed to my passport but the movies not all of them why ?!

I have tried to download the software that formats the "my passport "

but the same problem it gives me an io error .

That happens just when I try to move a movie or video clip to my storage .\

and that’s not all when I tries to eject the USB it is stuck and I can’t get it out.

Thanks for the helpers.

Your hard drive may need to re-format with full format.

The full format will check and correct all bad IO errors.

It may take a couple of hours to finish depends on the capacity.

The bigger the drive the longer it will take.

FYI: back up all data before formatting the drive.

        Formatting will erase all data.

How many hours it will take for "my passport " 298 g  to do full format because it had been in the formatting progress since 8 in the morning and now its 6 in the evening  

so its seem normal or something is wrong?