I/O Error 0x8007045D

Hi My WD Passport  500GB Version

Has an Error 0x8007045D while Copying the data from my Laptop to pocket drive 500 GB WD

Plz let me know if you have any solution

Already Actions Done :

Latest Firmware Installed

Software upgraded Version

WD HDD - All data Erased Manually

System registry checked for the bad sector


Did you format your drive or manually delete all the data?


Your Error 0x8007045D is common on Vista Ultimate. To reslove:

  1. Login as Local Admin.

  2. Open System properties. (Computer > Properties > Advance Systems Settings > System Properties > System Protection TAB.

3) On the ‘System Protection Tab’ identify the Local Hard Disk targeted for Backup. Under ‘Available Disks’ uncheck the box indicating the last Restore Point, then, select ‘Apply’ in the lower left corner. Immediately re-check the box next to the ‘Available Disks’ (you are creating a new Restore Point now) and then select ‘Apply’ again.

Effectively, what you should have done is cleared the box - applied the change - selected the box- applied the change in that order.

If everything worked as planned you should be able to begin (and COMPLETE) a Full Backup of this targeted Hard Disk.

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Look in here for more details!