I/O device error

When trying to access a particular MyBook Essential 2TB USB 3.0 external HDD recently, I get a “F is not accessible, The request could not be performed because of a I/O device error” message. Files on the external HDD can be accessed normally for about 5-10 seconds after the USB cable is plugged into the PC before the message appears. My PC runs Windows Vista Home Basic with USB 2.0.

I’ve tried restarting Windows, using a different USB port,  unplugging-replugging and using another USB cable, connecting it to another PC running Windows 7 but with no success. I also cannot access Scan Disk on Windows.

On one attempt using the PC with Windows Vista, I manage to access the external HDD and all files can be accessed normally, however, the same I/O error persists the next day when restarting the PC.

WD Data Lifeguard Diagnosis displays the SMART status of the external HDD as PASS.  I’ve tried running a Quick Test twice but the test is stuck at the 90-95% mark after more than 20 minutes and the following message is displayed “03- Read SMART Attribute command error on drive 2!”

I can access another WD external HDD and other branded external HDDs with no problems.

Please advise. Thank you.

Did you tried on another computer and see if that issue appears again?