I now have a steaming pile of dung!

Well, against my better judgment I returned my Live Hub with the defective switch to WD. After sending me one that was all scratched up they sent me another that looked fine. Got it hooked up and after many issues I finally got it working and recognizing my shared media like before. I allowed it to update the firmware. I was previously using the Live Hub on a wireless network without issue. I have a dual-band router and a dual-band bridge and the Hub uses only the 5mhz channel separate from the other PCs in the house to prevent interference and slowdowns. This had worked flawlessly for me with my original Hub, so I expected it to work the same with the replacement.

So much for expectations. First off, the UI with the new firmware is unbelievably slow. Everything takes forever, even moving from one menu item to another. That little orange circle is on the screen more than I ever remember it. I convert my BD disks to MKV and retain their original soundtracks. These files were playing flawlessly on the Hub via wireless with 4-6mb transfer speeds. Now, I’m lucky if I get 30 seconds of playback before they start breaking up and choking. If I stop a file and then try to resume it I get a “fatal system error” and the Hub reboots. Needless to say, I am not happy.

This is just too much effort and frustration to have to deal with from a company that seems to have its head you know where. Every new firmware is a new adventure not in improved features, but in the breaking of things thast worked previously. This latest one is a new low for WD. I’m going to probably offload this **bleep** and see what I can replace it with because I’ve had it with the Live Hub. I would advise anyone considering this pile of dung to run, not walk, to another product. If I wasn’t already bald before I would be now.

Dude, I feel sorry for you. I mean, just how much bad luck can a single person have with a company and its products? I find it almost cruel. I can see why there was no other option but to move on, there’s just so much a person can take before it’s enough.

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