I never expected such an awfull service of WD

I never expected such an awfull service of WD.

I live in Russia, Moscow. I had three WD MBThunderbolt Duo. One of them run mad and turned fan always ON. So i Made a RMA and returned it to WD. They said they would change it and give me a normal working unit. After two or three weeks they said - there can be no change - cause there is no disk on warehouse (3 WEEKS to find out this simple thing!!). So they decided to give moneyback according to the price i had bought it. They said it could take up to 2 months to transfer the money. In about a week they said that the direction is sent to the financial dept for money retrieval (about 500$). Well i wait for 2 month more - NO MONEY. I write to support - they keep silence for 3 days - then say that they send one more demand to the financial department for the answer. It **bleep**.

Such a shame on you WD. Big company. 500$ is not a worth for you. But you keep that bad service to you clients. You don’t even respect the terms you give (2 months max waiting for moneyback). 

Now you keep using MY MONEY for 3 months already. SHAME ON YOU WD! GREAT SHAME!


We apologize for the poor customer experience you received, please note that this is not the world class customer service we strive to provide and we would like to assure you that what you have experienced is something abnormal. 

We have passed this post along to support. Please check your private messages periodically since they will try to contact you shortly.