I need to remove the WD Unlocker completely

To use on a WD TV HD Media Player I need to remove the WD Unlocker on my 4TB My Passport portable drive WDBPKJ0040BBL. Not just the password, the entire locker. I have tried the WD security software but that’s of no use. I have searched the community for answers and did not find one to match my problem. (Regarding the media player) Tkx

I’m assuming the WD TV HD Media Player is not seeing the hard drive ?

Pretty sure it’s not the WD Unlocker causing the problem, but the Gen 1 WD TV HD Media Player not Supporting hard drives over 2TB … because they will be using GPT (GUID Partition Table) and not MBR (Master Boot Record) which supports 2TB Max Capacity.

Later WD TV Media Players received firmware support for GPT … but, i’m pretty sure the Gen 1 never got a firmware update to support it.

Ok, I decided to change to a 2TB WD drive for the media player and its working fine BUT, now I am having trouble with the WD Passport 4 TB drive I formatted. I get an unblocker message that reads I have to run the unblocker program from the CD to unblock the drive. I do not have the CD. I downloaded the utilities but it does not recognize the drive plugged into my laptop. Suggestions?