I need to remove my MBL HD and mount via USB to laptop. Help Please

My MBL will not connect to the network and also will not connect via ethernet cable to my laptop, nor my desktop.  When plugged in  hear the HD spin up and the LED goes from blue to yellow so I am assuming all is well with the drive.  I plan on removing the drive from the MBL case and connecting it to my laptop via a IDE/SATA to USB cable.  I believe the MBL has either an ext3 or ext4 files system and am looking for a program to mount this drive and make it readable on my Winows 7 laptop.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


yellow is the boot state…

you dont connect the wd directly via networkcable to your comp’s - or?

to access the data on the wd 's filesystem use a live version of any linux distro you can get (ubuntu i.e.) and copy the stff to anoher drive.


What would cause the MBL to hang in yellow/boot state?

The light stays yellow when something during the boot process fails and there is no automatic recovery.

This is quite rare, as the Linux boot process is very robust by default (and additionally, in this case, WD have removed many items like booting a graphical user interface, which the WD Live does not need). Also, there are two copies of the whole firmware on the drive in a ‘fake RAID mirror’ setup (“fake” because there is only one harddisk), so when one fails due to a read error, the other should take over.

Ok, I liet ,y MBL sit for a couple hours unplugged while we watched a DVD, plugged it in to the A/C then connected the ethernet cable and the LED went from blue to green.  Unfortunately it does not show up under my routers connected devices.  :(  I am desperate to recover the data I just loaded onto that drive over the past two weeks as it is my only copy.  I know, hit myself in the head with a hammer or something for not having a backup.  

I do not have a spare system or HD to load Linux onto and probably wouldn’t do me much good as I have been corrupted by microsoft for the past decade and barely remember any command line at all.  Any help or suggestions to retrieve my data would be greatly appreciated.

try to log into the machine with ssh - when you get ssh to work (by ip address) you can use sftp to get your data.

How do I log in to the MBL via SSH?  Though the MBL boots to a green LED it still does not show up under my router’s attached devices so no IP address has been aquired.