I need to know if I formated correctly my Caviar Black!


Im J.P., I have an important question to you all.

I have two Caviar Blacks of 1 Tb each one. One Caviar I formated in default mode (I think with 512 klbs clusters or something like that, I dont remember the words) and the other I formated with 4012 klbs clusters. But I readed that the 4012 size is only for the Caviar Greens and advanced format HD and that the normal size is 512 for all the others HD.

I noted that the 4012 Caviar Black (OS HD) is more slow in transfer that the other HD. I thought that it was because the OS is in that HD but then I discover the thing about advanced format and etcétera.

So my question is… I have bad formated the 4012 HD? If it… can it damage the HD? What do you think?

Thank you in advance!

try this mate


hey man, thank for the help!

that is the thing, that tool dont work with Caviar Blacks, and 4k sector are only for advanced format disks, like Caviar Green.

My concern is that I put 4k size sector in a Caviar Black when I formated the HD, and I read that Standard Formad HD like the Black work only with 512 sector size. I need to know if 4k sectors in a Standard HD like my Black can damage the HD or something bad? In two weeks when I have the new HD I will reformat the HD to put 512 sector size, but I need to know!

Thank you!

I usually let my OS partition at 512B (default), and set my data drives to 64KB.  As long as you don’t put more than 4KB on OS partitions, it really shouldn’t matter that much, you definitely can’t ruin your HD.

With that said, the slowdowns/freezes from a WD10EADS will get me to try anything on these drives. I have 32KB right now on this drive.

Thank you for your help.

I have two problems now and I really need to know if the 4k sector is the cause.

Introduction: I have two Caviar Blacks 1 Tb. In one Caviar I have the OS and in the other pure information. Both are in like 85% full capacity (I work with media). The OS drive has 4k sectors and the other Default (512 I think).


  1. The OS HD transfer and recive files is slow. The transfer rate is 50 Mb/s. The other HD that dont have the OS transfer up to 100+ Mb/s. Is normal that the OS HD Caviar Black has 50 MB/S Velocity?

  2. I have freezes. I tried the ram with Memtest and no errors. The CPU and Ram are with correct voltages and timmings. Can be that the 4k sector for the Caviar Black are slow down the perfomance and for that reason my pc freezes?

My rig is:

  • i7 930

  • X58A UD3R Rev 2.0

  • Sapphire 5770 Vapor X

  • Two Caviar Black of 1 TB each one.

I have 40-45 idle temp for the cpu and like 30 - 35 for the HD.

What do you think? why my pc is freezing? How I can know if the HD is the problem?

se other threads in this subforum

0.5 freezes … etc

must be some bug :confused: