I need to consolidate my drives.... ideas?

I tend to back up my family’s workstations to USB drive.  The management of these backups is getting cumbersome over time (usually to poor follow-through and backup location practices.  I must have nearly a Terabyte of duplicat files in the form of photos and videos.  So I have been hunting around for an application which will help me manange my growing number of backup USB drives.  I need a system that will help me conserve space by inspecting the drives, searching for duplicate files, and consolidating them into a single location.  Any ideas out there?  I have done a few Google searches over time but nothing jumps out at me.  Would appreciate any suggestions for good tools. 

Not sure if there’s anything like these out there

you might wanna use a backup software for one drive and then use sync software to keep the data updated on the other drives

again, still not sure if this is what you are looking for

the duplicate files will be an issue unless you select the option to only backup one copy of the file and get rid of previous changes

Thanks.  Will wait for more ideas.  Will do the follow-up.  Thanks.