I Need the Firmware of My Book Essential 1TB

My Product:

My Book Essential

Order  WDH1U10000N
Model  WD10000H1U-00
Serial [deleted for privacy]

The HD inside:

SATA / 8MB Cache

S/N: WCAU4A512412

WWN:  50014EE101C79102
DATE: 30 MAY 2009
LBA:  1953525168

I Need to download the firmware in order to fix my 9 months old external HD, Its not an enclosure problem, already tested with other HD and works fine. I try to connect the HD directly in my computer and ii recognized it via setup, but when I try to start Windows the PC crashes. A professional and a personal friend ask me to download the firmware in order to fix it, but I navigated this site for more than 6 hours and the firmware of “My Book” don’t show up.

Any Help will be appreciated.

*Sorry for my bad English.

As far as I can tell, the firmware for the 2.0’s hasn’t been updated… there is no firmware update to download.  What your drive shipped with is the current version of the firmware.

The firmware updates available from WD only apply to the previous generations of My Book Essential.

Of course, opening the case and connecting the drive directly to your motherboard through SATA has voided your warranty, so whatever the problem was that was causing your computer to suddenly crash after 4 months, I think you’re on your own here now.

It’s interesting that you say the drive was 9 months old, and yet the HD inside it is only 4 months old… was the 9 a typo, or are you trying to change the drive inside the enclosure?

Because, if you’re trying to either switch the drive or to remove the VCD partition from it, then it won’t work when you put it back in the enclosure.  The VCD is needed for the drive locking functions of the MyBook.  If you’ve removed the VCD from the EAVS, then you can now only hook it up to a SATA port on the motherboard and use it as an internal – the enclosure is no longer any good to you.

First thanks for the reply RoofingGuy, but there you miss some things:

My HD IS 9 month old (almost 10) the production date is 30 MAY 2009 not 2010, so its not 4 months old.

I don’t need the Firmware of the enclosure, it works fine with other HDs, I Need the Firmware of My HD WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB Caviar Green, SATA / 8MB Cache, WD10EAVS, S/N: WCAU4A512412, MDL: WD10EAVS-32D7B1.

I don’t need Updates, I just need the original Firmware, and it don’t show up in the site, not in the my book section, and neither in the HD section.

Any Help will be appreciated.

2009 not 2010

My mistake.  :smileyvery-happy:

And I don’t get why the firmware for a Caviar would have been in the MyBook section in the first place – I’m not surprised that it’s not.

You’re right… I find no results anywhere on the WD website to indicate there ever was such a model as WD10EAVS.

But I still don’t get how you need the drive’s original firmware… since there never was any updates to that family of SATA drive (either before or after the EAVS was discontinued), any firmware flashed into the controller on the EAVS is the only firmware that’s ever been on that controller… in other words, it already has the original firmware on it.

As far as I can tell, from searches at WD and internet-wide, there’s never been a firmware available for download for that family of drives from anywhere… what it has is what it’s always had.

Which makes me even more curious why the technician wants to flash it with the “original firmware”, when that’s what it has already.

It seems as if it would have been easier to have WD replace the drive under warranty, if something had failed.  Now that the warranty has been voided, and there’s no firmware available to flash the drive with (not that I’m seeing what that would necessarily accomplish in the first place) you would appear to be stuck.

If the drive won’t work in the enclosure and won’t work via SATA, then it looks like you’re down to buying a whole new external drive.  If it had still been working via SATA you could at least have continued to use the drive as an internal drive.  But if the controller is somehow damaged and non-responsive, the drive just seems to be toast.


I am a little confused as to exactly what drive you need this for, or what model, so I’ll just go with something you said. There IS DOWNLOADS for the "My Book Essential 1TB AND Even the 2 TB model of the same. I know I found them on a WD site and downloaded them. I might even be able to email the one you need, just let me know.

I should of said FIRMWARE, I believe I found the BIOS DOWNLOADS for these drives and flashed mt drives, but I believe one file was not outdated. .

Jammer: My Email is chronos.knight.brave@gmail.com, if you have something pleas mail it to me.

I need the Original Firmware because that part broke down, a friend of mine need the original firmware in order to fix it. I’m no professional on this, but as far as I know it wont be so difficult put a link to a file in a website. Please any WD employee read this line. Thanks in advanced.

If there are no firmware updates on our downloads page for this product, then there are none. 

I don’t need any update, I need the original firmware, because my HD has lost the firmware. Its the only thing I need. Thanks.

Please, Its There Any WD employee reading this? I Need the Firmware of my HD, I PAY for It, so the least thing this company could do is help me. I Don’t See Why would take so long post a link to a file to download. Please check my petition. Thanks in advanced.

What are you talking about?  What makes you think you need a firmware update?  If the computer crashes when you start up with the drive connected, that’s not a firmware issue, that’s a drive issue.  The drive is either bad or corrupted.  what happens when you put the drive back into the case and connect it to your computer?  Does the drive show up in Disk Management?


Im not professional in the subject, but a friend of mine it is, he says that he needs the ORIGINAL Firmware of my HD in order to fix it. Due to some problem the disk crashes the PC when is connected directly and of course it down show up in the Disk Management window. Connected via USB in the My Book enclosure will happen to not “see” the disk neither in the Disk Management window, but the enclosure works perfect with another HD, so its not an enclosure problem. Again I don’t know why my HD have lost it original firmware, maybe that part become corrupt, I don’t know, but my friend tell me that he can fix it if I bring him the original firmware. How he going to fix it? I don’t know, he fix computers as his work, so he know what to do. I JUST NEED the ORIGINAL FIRMWARE of the HD, NOT the Firmware of the enclosure(Not the firmware of MY BOOK).

Here is the numbers and the names(AGAIN):

SATA / 8MB Cache

S/N: [deleted]

Thanks anyway bill_s 

2 Weeks without a proper response. Im very disappointed. :cry:

Which part of “there’s no firmware available to download” isn’t a proper response?

Sure, it’s not the answer you wanted, but it’s the only answer available.

When you enter that model, the Downloads section doesn’t list any firmware downloads available.  There are no firmware downloads available for those Caviar Greens.

It will be the same answer again next week.

Did you run the utility to hide the virtual CD ? Maybe you need to run that to enable it again. I disabled mine in the device manager. This is a users forum not a WD support site.