I need some very basic help (not entirely computer literate)

I have a 1 tb WD external harddrive for my Mac.  I just purchased a  new Mac and would like to clean out the wd external hardrive and start fresh with my new mac.  Can someone tell me how to do that?  I have disconnected the HD from my new mac because when I pluged it in to the new mac it just sat on the table banging around loudly.  Do I need to buy a new hd and start over again?  The one I have is barely over a year old.


Hi, that’s really easy to do, follow the link below for the steps to do it using disk utility, or just control+mouse click on the files/folders that you want to delete and then select the option to delete. 


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Thanks very much!  I’m leaving on a 3 day trip but will try when I get home.