I need some help two HDDs WD2500JS with damaged boards

Hi bros i am here because i have two hard discs that i did accidently damage his boards in the same way because i do handle the molex connectors when this was working. I am keeping these two disks for several years now hoping get recover my files some day, but i am absolutly very sure i do never pay to recover services this too much expensive prices for my economic condition.

I dont have nothing of knowledge about recover data but i have the way of perform any procedures, til now i dont do any thing because the risk of lose all my data but with an little of patince and effort thinks the recover could be successful, hope some one can give me some info about procedures to repair for a while just to make an backup of data, I read something like change the boards with another in good conditions and too read about replacing the firmware chip, please!!! help me with this stuff. =)

I do have actually four disk drives of the same model W2500JS, two the damaged and the other two than I get buy with the card in good condition, here are the sticker’s data.


MDL : WD2500JS - 00NCB1

DATE : 28 MAY 2009 H


MDL : WD2500JS - 55NCB1

DATE : 03 JUL 2007



MDL : WD2500JS - 22NCB1

DATE : 12 SEP 2007


MDL : WD2500JS - 60NCB1

DATE : 10 AUG 2006


Here are the pics:

 PD. tanks google translate…=)

Hi there, I have not tried this, Lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.