I need help

My 1TB My Book Essential which is only 3 months old has suddenly stopped working, everytime I try & click on the drive it just freezes my computer, the Book comes up but when I unlock it it does not show mmy book & says it is empty, being under warranty I can handle but what I cannot handle is my $7000+ worth of music that is on it, my entire collection of DJ Mixing MP3s, I am well not happy, & by checking the WEB I see lots of the same problem & complaints, my music is my life & it’s all gone, how does this get fixed, not only my music but several hundred hours of personal editing & remixing time just vanished for no reason all because it decides not to work, I really need this fixed David

It’s possible the partition may have been corrupted.  I’ve heard there are free utilities on the web for restoring partitions and files. 

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I think it’s totally broken now.

After over 12hrs of trying I finally accessed my music, and the drive changed back to My Book again I thought everything was ok, I went to safely remove it & it crashed again, I had my chance to get my files back but I blew it.

Tried to plug it back in WD Smartware won’t even come up now, it just makes a weird noise when I plug it in to the USB port, I unistalled it all, & tried again & again nothing reads @ all.

I am going to take it back to the shop :frowning: