I Need Help With my Passport Essential

Hi, i bought My Passport Essential Last Year, and worked fine for a long time.

I tried all orientations on other topics, I tryed to read in another computer, changed the USB cable, I entered on Control Panel. And the Icon still not appearing on “My Computer”, the light is on and it appears where I remove other Hardwares.

I use Windows XP and i never had a problem with it, it happend from nothing, it didn’t fall or  disconnected without the tool “safely remove” from Windows.

Does it still show in Disk Management? If it shows in Disk management something maybe corrupt TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk   might fix it.


no it doesn’t.

JonyRaw wrote:

no it doesn’t.

It doesn’t show up on disk management or it doesn’t get repaired with TestDisk?

It doesn’t show up on disk management