I need help with my passport essential 0730


I bought my passport essential 0730 (500 gb. ) yesterday. I use both macbook (snow leopard ) and sony vaio (win 7). so  I just need a storage which i could both in mac and on win 7. I had no problem with launching it on macbook. I used disc utility to format my passport and then i could get access to it and transfer my data (nearly 40 gb) .  But today, when i pluged it into sony vaio (win 7), only thing that i could get was the icon, which appeared on the toolbar. I could see my passport in the “devices and printers” folder, and also in the “disc managemet” but it wouldnt come up in “my computer” folder. so i cant get access to it, nor can i see my data inside of it. I downloaded  the software update. I checked if it’s hidden driver or something, but no, it wasn’t. When İ open “disc management”, i can see it  on the right side, under the main disc, ( it says: disc 1, basic, 465,73 gb    healty( active, primary partition) but when I right click on it,  the only option that i could choose is “delete”, (other options are grey, so i can not click).  I have no computer skills so i cant figure it out by myself. Could anyone help me? 

You should have left it formatted NTFS for Windows. Then all you would have needed was download NTFS-3G http://mac-free.com/download/NTFS-3G.html and install on Mac. I don’t think there is a free equivelent for Windows. You could also format FAT32 but then the max file size is 4 gig. It is also more prone to corruption. The easiest thing is probably reformat NTFS on Windows and go with the NTFS-3G on Mac. Maybe this well help  http://wdc.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/wdc.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=3865


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Thank you for replying.

I followed the instructions in    http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3865  , 

so it was formatted, there was about 35 gb data which i had transferred from my macbook yesterday, they re all gone, it s ok.   but the problem is,  (I don’t know, if these two are related to each other ) my passport is working right now, it has a new name “D”, i can use it, but its capaticy is 465 gb, which should be 500 gb. did i do something wrong? 

That size sounds about right. It’s they way Windows uses the space. My 1 T drive shows as 935Gig.


I think its all about windows. I plug it into macbook again and it s 500 gb. but I can t use it now. Shall I follow the instructions for mac os x in that web site ? Or what?