I need help pleaseee!

Ok so here’s what happened…i’ve had my 750 gb passport with me since august and…two days ago it took forever to recognize it…now it always takes forever to recognize it and when i try to open any video file it freezes, takes forever and when it finally opens it freezes again and that’s the way it is…so i tried to copy all to another drive but it freezes and when it finally decides to start copying it says it will take like hundreds of hours…and when i try the first aid in disk utility doesnt work…I NEED HELP…I DONT WANT TO LOOSE MY FILES :(…and it sent me a message that i need to backup

Hi dude, it seems your drive is degraded… Since Repair on Disk Utility won’t work, I can only suggest data recovery software…

You could try TestDisk since it is free (And yes, it works on Macs as well) on good will.

Best of luck.