I need help please

when i plug in my newly bought HDD(my passport) to my laptop yesterday, it runs but when i want to transfer file from my laptop to the HDD, my laptop screen just hangs and the file transfer doesnt proceed even though i left it over night. When i plug in my HDD today, it doesnt run though the hdd’s light is on and isnt blinking. i tried pulling the cable out and plug in again but it still doesnt run.

please help me with this issue as i want to store up my videos into the HDD

Hi you can not just unplug a external USB drive and expect it to stay working.  If you do not use the Safely Remove Option it’s just a matter of time until you get a Partition Table Corruption rendering all data on that drive unreadable. This may not be why your drive does not work but it is something you need to do before you unplug a USB hard drive. 

Hi hammy I understand this logic. However, the hdd just hang there and when I want to saftey remove it, everything just hang together. Including my laptop. Thats the reason why I do not have a choice but to unplug the hdd for my laptop to run.