I need Help please

Hi im from Portugal last moth i buy one external WD My book 1G but last days my sun was broken the usb “door” on hard drive.Yesterday i open the platic case is broken and i take out the Disk. I connect the disk to my computer and: in the bios is ok appear, in definitions of computer ok appear too.But… no appear the drive in my computer “like C: or any else”. I try to use one prog. call partition magic and cretate NFTS but not FORMATE the disk.Now appear drive L: but it all of space like 950GB and i have all my doc. there please any Sir. can help me to take from there my data.Please.Thanks a lot.

Firstable Opening the Enclosure = Warranty Voided!

Second if you used partition Manager then the drive could be reformatted already , if so All data is gone and caused by that you have two options :

-Data Recovery Company

-Data recovery software