I need help on safety remove

Recently i just bought a passport essential se 1tb and i am having problem safety remove my passport and it stats it as “The device My Passport Essential USB HDD could not be removed. Please close all running programs and try again later” but i tired closed all my program and all my online program such as skype/MSN and it still wouldn’t work.

I sort of have the same problem as you. I use a program called PowerISO and I directly installed it on My Passport, it autostarts on my PC and whenever I try to remove it won’t work. Then when I exit out of that, it does work, any other applications that are running that are installed on the My Passport also have to be closed, nothing else. So lets say I have steam installed on it, if it is running it won’t safely get removed, when I exit out, it will. But if I had Steam and Google Chrome opened, I wouldn’t need to exit out of Chrome, just Steam, because Chrome is installed on my Hard Drive in my computer.

Hope this helps you, Good luck finding a solution.

So you mean that if i have a so called “drama” on my computer and i dragged it to my Hardisk and when i on my “drama” and i wouldn’t be able to safety remove my harddisk? mean i have to turn off everything that is inside my hardisk to safety remove it?

It makes sense - close all programs using the drive; the ones that are installed on it too.

That is what i have being doing,and isit possible not to use those program but just use it as normal thumbdrive? as in using it to store thing and don’t have to update this and that isit possible?

I don’t exactly get what you mean by drama, I’m assuming a show, or just some program, and when you say Hard Disk you mean Hard Drive on your computer, not your My Passport. In this case, if the “Drama” is running, and nothing on your My Passport is running, which includes background processes you can’t see and you would have to stop from task manager, then yes, you would be able to safely remove it.

And at your 2nd question about making the My passport act like a thumb drive, yes that would work, I do it all the time, I have World of Warcraft installed on there, and it works on other computers anytime. However don’t expect everything to work, because some things won’t work unless you install it on the computer that you’re using. PowerISO doesn’t work on my school’s computer, and neither does steam. So not everything would work. But even if you did install steam on a thumb drive, it wouldn’t work anyway, so it can basically be used the same, yeah.

Oh, by the way, when it asks you to install the WD smartware on a computer, you don’t need to do that to access your normal files, just skip it, and any errors that pop up, and the My Passport should be on the My Computer Browser anyway, so don’t get discouraged when it asks for admin and you’re using a public computer.

Oh ok thanks alot i finally get what you guys mean,Thanks for helping.

hai, even i have the same problem…

my WD dosnt safel remove…i get the same response at the above person mentiond.

close all the programs but i have all ready closed em all…

i dont run any softwares or any other program on my WD…just use it for storing movies and music and then backing up…