I need help changing my email address on my My Cloud device


The email account I used to setup My Cloud is no longer in operation and I need to access My Cloud. How to I change my email address so I can access it again?


Go to the Dashboard and under User select the admin user, then highlight the old email address and delete it. Enter the new address and save it. See example image of mine below.


Thank you. The problem is is that I can’t even login to the dashboard as the email address I used, I no longer have access to. Is there any other way?


Why would an invalid email address cause a local login failure?


One does not use an email address to access the My Cloud Dashboard. One does use an email address to access the MyCloud.com web portal. The Dashboard is for configuring the My Cloud and one must be on the same local network as the My Cloud in order to access the Dashboard. The MyCloud.com web portal is for accessing the My Cloud Shares from a remote location.

If you really are trying to access the My Cloud Dashboard and have forgotten the administration login name and password one can perform a 4 second reset to reset the Dashboard administration password back to default.