! I NEED ADIVSE please


I have some concerns about foramts this device can play.

from what i read in this and other forums it does seem to play every format ppls throw at it,.

i have many .mkv movies (720p) .DD5.1.and DTS…xvid …I tried this videos via xbox 360 media center but i never got a full moives to play without freequent frezzing.

also, My TV is only a 40 inch tub tv ont a lcd or plasma flatscreen. will i have any problem playing 720p on this tv?

TIA to everyone :slight_smile:


Most of my movies are 720p h264 with AC-3 5.1 audio. I also have some SD XviD movies and TV shows. They all play from start to finish without issue.

Before I forget, storing your media on the Hub’s internal storage helps a lot with smoothness and reliability. 1080p media that stutters and fails over wifi plays great from the HDD.

I don’t have a Live Hub, but what I can tell you is that I have both an original WDTV HD (Gen1) and a WDTV Live, and just old-schoold CRT TVs, and I’ve never had any issues playing back 720 or 1080 material.  The WD devices do a nice job of downconverting to 480i composite.  I’d expect the LiveHub to be the same.

One day I’ll spring for an HD set.

Run and buy it.  I had the same issue using PS3 Media server.  MKV movies would freeze…audio would be jumbled.  This thing plays them all without a hitch, including 3D content (SBS).  Best 200 bucks I’ve ever spent.

 This thing plays them all without a hitch, including 3D content (SBS). 

Hahah…  Don’t confuse people!  :)   SBS means “Side by Side,” which ANY media player in the world can do.   There’s no magic in SBS material.  :smileyvery-happy:

LOL…sorry…I’m overly excited.  Was so tired of my PS3 crapping out on streaming. 

If you use the Xbox for streaming the wired port is olny 10/100 and a single antenna wireless “A” adapter good for SD only. The Xbox is only an extension of your computers media center so play back is limited to Microsoft capabilities.