I need a wd hdd compatibility with HP Proliant ML30 Gen9

Does anyone know if there is any compatible model with these hp servers? My smart array b140i controller detect seagate hdd as no genuine hp and shows alert and i am looking for a solution. Hp hdd are very expensive.


You can go for the WD® gold drive that is used as data center drive, Moreover, you can WD red drives are also there which is compatible with NAS environment

The WD Gold is an excellent choice!

Overkill for most Home users, yet I’m homebound & on my PC 14-16 hours per day. Purchased two of the 2TB WD Gold drives in 2016 & have never looked back.

Prior to that, and still run several, were the great RE4’s, tough as nails & has 2x the cache of the (SATA-2) WD Caviar Black, WD’s performance/enthusiast drive at the time. Less noise & more performance. Most of my RE4’s were new pulls from servers (some with an HP sticker attached), although did buy a couple used with over 10K hours of usage & still runs great to this day.

You can trust the enterprise lineup of WD for your HP server, just as us ‘prosumers’ does for Home/Home Office usage. 550TB combined reads/writes per year is as good as it gets.

Better still, one can trust WD for service after the sale. They provided me a replacement once for a 750GB Caviar Black, in less than 10 business days. In fact, the replacement drive was above the call of duty, was 1TB instead. Today, serves as a backup drive within an aluminum enclosure, but not before 4 years of trouble free desktop usage. It wasn’t until removal & just as I was placing into the enclosure, noticed it was recertified. Given it’s lasted this long, no telling how much more if new, on the other hand, recertified products from reputable corporations are just as good as new.

I believe the original 750GB drive may had been fine, yet a retailer’s packaging/shipping policies, which has since improved greatly, likely caused the damage, began vibrating after only three months. A hole in box & brown paper plus bubble wrap being all that protected it. My WD Golds arrived from the same retailer in WD approved shipping containers, I never hear these running.