I Need a Picture of the Latin American WD TV Live Power Adapter

Does anyone actually have one of the WD TV Live players that are made for Latin America?  If so, would you please post a picture of the power adapter showing the plug side?

¿Hay alguien que en realidad tienen un WD TV Live que hicimos (WD) para Latinoamerica y Netflix? ¿Si tiene, puede por favor publicar una foto del adaptador de corriente que muestra el lado de enchufe?  Gracias.

I’m about to buy mine so I’ll post a pic soon :slight_smile:

South America uses both 110 volts and 230/240 volts. It is not as simple as one plug fits all; therefore be careful which power supply and outlet you use:





Great Information!  However, I’m just looking to see what the WD TV Live plug looks like.  More of a curiosity thing.