I need a firmware

Good morning, my operating system that was on the ssd corrupted, and I didn’t want to format it, I had to make secure erase, but after that it doesn’t boot anymore and it is not possible to create any partitions on it, I installed the wd software and also did other tests with third-party software and everything is ok, the lifetime is still at 95%, but there is a firmware available in the wd software but I can’t install the donwload failure, maybe this firmware should solve the problem, does anyone know where I can go find only the file.

Model: WDC WDS250G2B0B-00YS70

Did the secure erase complete successfully?

What does CrystalDiskInfo report?


If the security status locked, frozen?

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Yes, it was concluded, says that the security status is frozen.

“Frozen” just means that the drive’s password cannot be set or changed during the current power cycle. This prevents malware from locking you out of your drive. If the security status is “locked”, then this means that the drive has a password which is preventing you from accessing it. The secure erase command sets a password before it begins.

I didn’t want to format it, I had to make secure erase, but after that it doesn’t boot anymore and it is not possible to create any partitions on it

I’m a bit confused at what you were trying to do. You didn’t want to format it, so you performed a secure erase on it. Regardless on which method you went with, data on the drive would have been erased, with the secure erase removing all partitions and preventing the recovery of data with any kind of software. You wiped off everything from your SSD, so you’ll need to start all over. Formatting would have kept the partitions in tact, and as long as you didn’t format the partition that your OS resided on and/or any partitions that it relies on, it would still be bootable.

Assuming that you were running Windows 10 as your OS, you should have tried its built in recovery options first. Windows 10 has the option to reinstall itself with a fresh copy, and preserve your personal files if you so choose. To reinstall now, you’ll have to use the recovery media that was provided by your OEM (if applicable and that you created it), or visit this website to download and create a Windows 10 installation media drive. Boot off that drive in order to install Windows off of it. During the setup process, it will prompt you to create and format a partition for your SSD drive.

I left it without a password, when I’m going to create a partition, through the partition manager of windons or the diskpart of the I / O error and in the gparted of the read and write error.

Sorry I said wrong, I wanted to format it but it was not possible neither by the windons nor by the diskpart so I used to delete it safely because it was the only one that solved it.
I tried to restore by the windons but it crashed and restarted the system.