I Named a folder ......FILMS

I renamed a folder in windows explorer on another computer using network access, It had hidden the folder but the size of the share signifies it has not gone awol or deleted, knowing NAS usis Linux type system by calling a folder with… as a prefix have I done something whacky. Thanks

Use File Explorer properties, and enable ‘show hidden files’.

Windows and Unix treat a leading . as an indicator that a file is to be hidden.

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Thank you so much , I was trying to get the folder at the top of the tree to use the WD web viwer to move it !, Still learning how best to backup and move files-Phew thought I had fooooked up

For a Share to sit at the top of a list will depend on how the list is being displayed. If the application or web viewer is listing shares/files by alphabetical name then try using a number at the front of the share or folder or file name. That should cause the viewing program/page to list the numbered folder/files first before alphabetizing the rest of the unnumbered shares/folders/files.

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Use the [~] character as the leading character. Seems to work.

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