I messed up big time - can it be undone or salvaged?

I have the Essential Notebook.  I saw that an update was available and clicked on it.  I immediately started the download without first reading the instructions.  I know, I know… well, I know now!  So, now the notebook doesn’t even show up.  I tried rebooting my computer and still nothing.  When I start the software, it’s not there, only my C drive. 

What do I do now?  Does this one have to be scrapped and I have to get a new one?  Is this one salvageable?  What about the files that were on it that I’d already removed from my C drive?  Is anything salvageable?

My son-in-law resolved the problem!  All that had to be done is the external harddrive unplugged.  He plugged it back in and opened the software and wha-la!  The external harddrive was back!  What a relief!  Hopes this helps someone else who may have pulled what I pulled this morning!

But a word to the wise, always read the instructions BEFORE downloading!  You never know what you may be saving!  It just could be your sanity!  Not to mention, valuable files!

Glad to hear you resolved your problem.

Power cycling + rebooting aare good go to’s.

May I suggest you remove the software or at least disregard it and instead of backing up your system or anything," image"  it.

There is a free program called Macrium which will take a snapshot of your hard drive and place it on your external hard drive.

Imaging far exceeds backing up because recovery is exact and you can even retrieve a single file. When you recover a backup it many times comes back as disassembled pieces or packets.

I use Acronis for my desktop and Macrium for my laptop and with a click, I can retrieve a file or my entire sytem.

Instead of the iffy software, use the external drive simply for storage and let the imaging software do the work for you.

It is not difficult.

Write to WD for help removing the software if you cannot and when the drive is plugged in disregard the WD software.

Good luck