I may have solved the My Cloud connection problem

The My Cloud I purchased was working okay since I purcxhased it about five months ago.  Then last month, it started dropping the network connectrion regularly.  And when it was up, the transfer rate was painfully slow.  I installed the firmware that was supposed to solve the problem, but it did not.

So, I thought back to what changed on my computer back at the time that the dropped connections started.  Then it came to me… I reinstalled iTunes.  iTunes installation comes with a service called Bonjour.  No one on earth seems to know what Bonjour is for, but it has caused problems on my computers before.  And by reading various forums, I am not alone with my problems with Bonjour.  Since I uninstalled the Bonjour service yesterday, and the MyCould unit I have has not dropped its connection so far.  The transfer rate has not been great, but it’s okay.  You would think that WD would be aware of this.  I will keep you posted if there is a change.  

Hi SirPres, Bonjour provides a general method to discover services on a LAN. To have a more stable connecting you can try setting a static IP for your My Cloud. 

About Bonjour

How to configure a WD My Cloud or WD My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud drive with a Static IP 

Also, at least on the packaging mine came in, there is a Bonjour logo right on the box.  So it likely is useful for something.

Thanks for your response, but I set a static IP for My Cloud from the very start.  As I said, no problem with My Cloud until I reinstalled iTunes on my computer which in turn reinstalled Bonjour.  I know Bonjour is need for Apple products.  But, we have Android phones and Windows-based computers in our home network.  I use MediaMonkey for my iPods, so we don’t need Bonjour.  I uninstalled Bonjour and My Cloud seemed to stay online in our home network for awhile (even though the transfer rate was dreadful).   Then it was knocked off again.   I found out my wife’s laptop had updated iTunes and reinstalled Bonjour.  I removed it from her laptop, and I’ll see how it goes.  Just a suggestion, but your software engineers may want to look into how Bonjour interacts with Windows users of My Cloud.

Update… After removing Bonjour from all computers in the house, the MyCloud unit stayed online… for two days.  So, now it’s offline again.  If Bonjour is not the problem, what is?  As I said, the unit worked fine for the first two months I had it.  Then, it started dropping its home network connection.  I know by reading this forum, I’m not the only one with this problem.  And I’ve tried all the remedies (static IP, new ethernet cable, the new firmware, etc.).  Does anyone have an answer?

Why don’t you make a warranty claim with WD. It may very well be bad hw… but, of course, I don’t know what you may have done that are against warranty terms… But… worth a try. Sounds like you have tried all reasonable approaches.

Did you try turning off “Drive Sleep” in the settings?  Seems it takes a while for it to wake up and causese those “offline” issues sometimes.  

This drive is a [Deleted]  Mine keeps dropping network connection after 30min to 1 hour even on new a replacement unit.  I hope I can get my money back as this product does not perform as represented.

That bonjour **bleep** costs me lot of problems too. You cannot update MyClown software without install it even if you do not need it. I do not have any Apple product either.

I see tons of bounjeur services errors on my Windows view log. I have also noticed that my tablet (also a Windows one) cannot wake up from sleep because the bonjour service errors, what the…?

Fix this, you are making a fool of yourself because of this **bleep**.

You can always go to Windows “services.msc” and stop the Bonjour Service and set it from “Automatic” to “Manual” and see if that makes a difference in the My Cloud connectivity.

Just a thought