I may have fixed the AVI/DIVX streaming problem

So I updated my WDTV Live Plus the day I got it to the newest firmware and immediately was having problems with most AVI/DIVX files; stuttering playback, 1080p files would get crazy and stutter if a lot was happening on the screen.

But I may have fixed the problem!

Before I was using Component outputs…I bought an HDMI cable to try to take the most advantage of both this unit and my 1080p TV. I put the cable in and every file that gave me trouble in the past has played without a single hiccup.

Can anyone with the problem and Component outputs test this?

It is possible that your Component output was not optimal, is this issue to repeat itself with other Component cables with the proper refresh rate?


Well, Component only gives you up to 1080i, not 1080p according to the manual. There’s a very good chance that the reason why you were having display issues or playback issues was because it was more than the interface could sustain.