I lose my WD WD15EARS when suspend in Windows7

I have 3 hard drives
1x SSD
1x WD caviar blue
1x WD caviar Green WD15EARS (purchased recently)

All work well except when the system hibernates over an hour, the western WD15EARS disappears. I have to reboot to see him again.

I’ve changed sata cables and power cables with the same result

Do you know what is happening?

Work with Windows 7 x64 and Asus P5Q PRO

All disk in AHCI mode

sounds like it’s taking too long to wake up ?

but you’d think that once it woke up that windows would see it arrive after the fact
unless the controller is ignoring the drive after the fact

there may be a jumper on the disk that you can set to

“power up in standby”

this keeps the disk awake and spinning but the head’s should still park
it’s available on my WD10EAVS
(which I cannot find any reference to on the WD site)


[text deleted] 

have you attach it into others PC for check?

I had the exact same problem with my WD15EARS.  I eventually found this Microsoft hotfix, which fixed the problem.  See this post for more information.