I lose LAN connection when My Book Essential 3tb is connected

Acer M3470

Windows 7 Home 64bit

My Book Esential 3TB (using usb3.0)

Both desktop and My Book about 1 month old.

When My Book 3TB is connected to my Acer desktop, eventually my LAN disconnects and I lose my network connection.  I cannot restore connection without reboot.  And I already have to physically disconnect the My Book to successfully reboot since it won’t boot all the way up when it is connected.  I checked my router, drivers, AVG AV software… All up to date and it still loses the lan… Any suggestions?  I’m not very happy with this USB drive so far after getting it for Christmas and installing it last month.

Check for Bios updates. 

One should not have any conflicts with he other…but crazy stuff  can happen .

To get your computer to boot when the drive is connected you will need to disable boot from usb on the computer bios.

Download and install the  SES Driver