I know my Password but it will no open on my other laptop

I know my Password but it will no open on my other laptop.
On the one I use everyday, I just plug it in and go to My PC and click on the icon “WD Unlocker” and I have access.
When I do the same thing on my other laptop I get a screen to enter my password. I know my password and it comes up with "Do you want to allow this App to make changes to your device? I then click “Yes” and then up pops a Your Passport Ultra is locked. It has a box for the password and when I put it in, it shows “invalid Password”. I know my password!
How do I get my files in this laptop.

When setting a password on the device with WD Security, there is a feature to allow the device to auto unlock from currently logged-in user profile computer. May be, you were using Auto Unlock feature in your previous computer.
As password can’t be retrieve, recommend to use previous computer to get data back. And then re-configure WD Security to use without Auto Unlock feature. This will allow you to use password only to unlock your drive. You can have a look below KBAs for more details: