I keep losing WiFi every morning with my N600


I have had my N600 for a week now and I keep getting a problem.  Every morning when I wake up my router is broadcasting a signal but I can NOT connect any of my wireless devices to it.

When I go into the device and choose my network, each device says that the password has been saved and I get no further.

However when I re-boot the router, then I get wifi straight away with all my devices.

My little network consists of

NAS iomega ix-200 - wired to router

PC (Win7) - wired to router

Laptop (Win7) - wireless

Tablet Asus - wireless

Other little devices such as Raspberry Pi - wireless


We always recommend ensuring that your router is up to date with the latest firmware, as this may easily resolve the issues you are experiencing. Assistance in how to update your routers firmware can be viewed on page 66 of the user manual provided by the following link.



Updating the firmware was the first thing I did when I bought my router.  Well, not the first thing, I changed the passwords first.

As yet, this is still an intermitant problem along with the issue of my computer sometimes seeing my NAS device when I boot-up my Windows 7 PC.

I would suggest turning off Fast Track. The router should reboot automatically once you click on save.