I keep getting "bellator" apprearing in titles of TV shows

I have just redone my WD 4TB External drive with new tv and movie rips i own but sometimes when i look at the shows via the media player instead of saying S01E01, S01E02 etc i now see sometimes “Bellator 1”, "Bellator 2, “Bellator 3”, “Bellator 4” etc etc I have my media player connected to my router via cable and when i look at the drive via my computer it shows the files names as being S01E01 etc so why is my media player Live showingthem with this “Bellator 1” etc rubbish?

I have left Meta Source manager as TVDB, should i change that to something else, if so what? Has anyone seen anything like this before.


What’s the EXACT file names?

The WD is probably mis-understanding the name and scraping them as a different show altogether.

The file names are as i say S01E01, S01E02 etc etc however when the media player gets it’s hands on them it comes up as “Bellator 1”, “Bellator 2” “Bellator 3 & 4” “Bellator 3 & 4” again etc etc but as i say when looking at them from the PC they still appear as S01E01 etc etc


AllonewordinUK wrote:

The file names are as i say S01E01, S01E02 

Those cannot be exact file names – they don’t have extensions.   Nor do they have a show name.

If you’re expecting the WD to correctly scrape the metadata for your files, they need to be named properly.

TV Show Name.S01E01.ext

or somesuch.

If you’re NOT using the WD metadata scraper, then your files must have metadata already embedded within them that the WD is displaying.

Geez don’t say that Tony i have just spent ages going through them all and getting rid of the TV series name from them all, I think what your saying makes sense as i used to have them set up like “Porridge S01E01” and it was fine, ever wish you could go back in time?

I won’t mark this as a “Solution” as i’m not 100% sure if it is, but it will redo them and see how it goes and post back, many thanks for your help.


AllonewordinUK wrote:

Geez don’t say that Tony i have just spent ages going through them all and getting rid of the TV series name from them all

But… why?

Because you are using Media Library with xml info for media files. You might have done this manually (Get Info) or you had Get Content Info set on Auto in settings. So you are not actually seeing you files but generated info for you TV Shows, in this particular case displayed name of the show is Bellator (episode) 1, while your media file name is Bellator S01E01. (video file extension).

Thanks for the reply Tony that has sorted it now, well for about 99% of them anyway so don’t have covers but i’m sure i can add these manually, it was as you said a filename issue.

Once i had renamed them Minder S01E01, Minder S01E02, Minder S01E03 etc it was able to find most covers and never altered the name on screen so it does now show “Minder S01E01” etc so many thx