I have two 2tb My Book Live drives on my home network and need answers

I bought two 2tb Mybook Live drives with the intent of shadowing them so if I lose one I’m not out of luck.

Plugged the first one into my network, it mapped to Y: and worked fine.

Plugged the second one in, it mapped to X: and it seems to be working, but:

1.  When I save a file or create a folder on one drive it automatically shows up on the other as well.

Does this setup automatically create a shadow?

2.  When I changed the name of one drive to try to differential it from the other, the other drive also took on the same name.

I’ve thought about disconnecting one drive just to make sure all of the information is still on the other and the ensure that somehow the computer or the disk drives are not confused?

My questions:  is this supposed to be how it works? Is there automatic shadowing if you have 2 drives on one network?  And how do I differentiate them by name?

Thanks in advance

No.  That is happening because you had your drives given the same NAME.

You need to shutdown BOTH MBL’s and reboot your PCs.