I have the 8tb my cloud and had to shut it down because I moved. How do I re-enable it

How do I get the MyCloud device to turn on and reconnect to the network?

Usually, the procedure starts with “plug it back in”.
Most of the time, that is also the last step of the procedure.

Note: if you have moved, and you are using a different router that previous. . . then things may have changed. (i.e. your new network may be using a different IP range than your previous network?) If you are not using a static IP address (either on the router or the mycloud); this should not be an issue.

I’m using the same router.

One question is how can I login to the storage device?

Find the unit with your access point and then point your browser there

How would I do that? I use an eero setup and I can’t see it on the network.

is it connected with Ethernet or WiFi?

The mycloud is connected via WiFi?

try connecting it to your access point with ethernet cable

I’m dumb…. Thank you.

were you now able to access the unit?