I have several WD drives from the portable external to the cloud drives and all have failed and not been dropped

I would appreciate it if WD would find some way of helping its customers to get the data off the drives that have failed. We are still going to have to buy another one to put the data on. I had one that failed 1 week after I bought it and now my data is gone I have not been able to get it to work. I am to the point where maybe instead of talking here we all talk on social media about WD’s product since they don’t want to listen and give us help. Frustrated to this point

If it failed after only one week then it is still under warranty. Have you checked with WD about replacing it?

Where was the data moved from to be placed on the WD Device? Don’t you have a backup of your data?

I have multiple backups of all my data in case one should fail.

Heck, i’d be contacting wherever i bought it … where i live (AU) returns for faulty items can be done within a 30 Day period. After that, then sure, you’ll have to deal with WD.

I always buy hard drives from shops near where i live, so if i do buy a faulty hard drive i can just return it for a replacement.(Keep your Proof of Purchase reciepts folks) Have done so twice in the last several years. (only had to return one WD hdd with a faulty usb socket … took it back to shop, got it replaced with a new non-faulty one.