I have no idea how to use this!

I asked for a external for my christmas, and got the Mybook 3 (i think) 1TB, its the remote access one.
it didnt come with a usb lead to connect the hardrive to a computer. I have backed up all my files on my lap top by plugging the harddrive to my router, but now i want to get files off my friends’ laptops, who do not live in ther same house thus have not got the same router.

Basically, all i want to know is, Is it ok for me to buy a usb cable, and plug the hardrive into someone elses laptop, take files from them, then plug it back into my hub at home?

May seem like a stupid question, but i need it in simple terms, and im struggling to focus with all the technical jargon on the FAQs page!



You got it! Though your my book should have came with a USB Cable. If not, you can buy one pretty cheap and then transfer the files. Remember to pick either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. It all depends on the hardware. Most likely you will need USB 2.0 because 3.0 hasnt become standard yet…