I have multiple sources and I want all the videos files in one folder

I have multiple sources my movies are on such as external hard drives and computers.  How could I have all the video files on one location one folder.  I would not like to have multiple folders to browse through.  I need something simple my wife can use and I have yet to find a solution and I really want something simple as well.  Let me know if this will even do that.

As I understand it, you can’t have what you’re asking for. Each source would show up as a separate folder in the Media Library.

Unless you can funnel everything through one computer and access that machine as a Network Share. Maybe.

Yes, you can do that, just set the Filter (green button) to All Videos.

If you all your sources just have movies on them, then do what Tony suggested and hit the green button to change to “All Videos”.

If you have TV shows it can’t be done.

Sure it can.

All Videos is ALL VIDEOS.   It works with TV shows and movies alike.