I have lost faith in WD after two back to back experiences

Hello WD…
I regret to say that the faith i have placed in this company has been dashed on two consecutive occasions-2014 and 2017
As such i have resolved not to purchase your drives any longer!!

I am of the opinion that WD hard drives are not rugged unlike seagate and can develop issues even under very ridiculous circumstances…not only that, you dashed my hopes in 2014 by cutting corners with the design of WD elements and in 2016, i bought my WD10JPVX drive hoping life would be better…
both drives now have faulty circuit boards that i cannot find replacement for in nigeria,while jointly holding 1.5TB of precious data. The support here is especially very poor whether for new or old products

Please is there a way i can purchase a circuit board for the WD10JPVX (MDL is WD10JPVX-22JC3TO) 1 TB hard drive made on 05 feb )2014 from you guys…data recovery is insanely expensive here!!!

Unfortunately, WD does not sell components. They can only replace your hard drive.

Data extraction is a delicate process that requires specialized equipment. Improper handling of the components can further damage the hard drive.If you are in need of data extraction and a backup is not available it’s best to contact a professional data recovery service company.

For additional assistance, try reaching out to WD Support.

Anything could have happened in making the discs or recording, which is why you had to face such a negative experience. But you can’t lose faith in a positive outcome because you will lose faith in everything around you step by step. I’ve seen it happen to other people and how hard it is for them to go back to an ordinary life full of colors. Maybe you should try this company again, and also https://firstchurchlove.com may help you to raise the spirits in life that you may have lost. I want to believe that everything will work out for you, so I wish you good luck.