I have an old and unknown drive

I am attempting to contact support this is the issue and the email: Bottom line, I’ve had this external 6 plus years. I had PC and Mac earlier but now only Mac. I am trying to consolidate all my audio files. I have this, two 500gb passports and a 2 TB seagate. I know I format to FAT 32 to interchange them but on this one (don’t even remember what to call it) I can only read and I have thousands of individual songs w/o the ability to create any folders. I need to get write access to this drive. The lifeguard tool doesn’t even recognize this as a WD drive. Baffled, Thanks. Matthew. I Try to send and it says error you need the model# (the dialogue asked for the S/N) No worries, I enter the S/N prove my humanity and get error: you need the model#. I went 2 turns through and came here. This is an odd old drive which continues to work and has valuable info which I am trying to extract and consolidate with the others. I have 2 pics

How are you trying to submit a Support Ticket? Are you using the following link?


You can also try to call WD Tech Support directly:

On any case, if data extraction is a priority and you do not have a backup then I’d suggest contacting a professional data recovery service company.

There is a possibility that you either have permission problems with the drive, or some corruption due to passing the drive back and forth between the Mac and pc.


By the way, you should be able open a case with support now.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to resolve finder issue. My only problem
now is to resolve my lack of write permissions on the drive. Thanks again.

you’re welcome.