I have an interesting problem with WD 3TB My Book External Drive

I have a WD 3TB My Book Drive. My PC is running Windows XP and I have 6  (I believe they are all 2.0) slots. My PC doesn’t recognize it all, it says that the drive malfunctioning or corrupted. I have another external hard drive that works just fine in it.

Here is the kicker. I plug it into my laptop’s 3.0 drive and it works just fine and I can move files and read from it just fine. Is it possible to somehow damage the backward compability of the drive or am I over looking something?

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Did you reformat the  drive? 32 bit XP generally doesn’t recognize drives over 2T. What OS is the laptop? If you formatt it with WD tool there is an option for XP.