I have a problem with my WD MyCloud 3To

Hello everybody. :nerd_face:

I have a problem for a few days with WD MyCloud 3To. :confused:

After I connected my USB key in USB port, I don’t have accès to my files. :sob:
And yet I see all my files on Dashboard.

Can someone help?

(Sorry for my English)

When you connect a USB hard drive or USB flash drive to the USB port on the single bay My Cloud, the My Cloud should create a “Share” for that USB device. That Share should contain the name of the USB drive name.

Does the USB device show up as a Share either under the WD My Cloud Dashboard Share page?
Can you access the USB device Share using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

If one enables USB Content Availability on the Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access then the My Cloud firmware will typically add the USB devices total available space to the Dashboard Capacity available space value.

Yes I can access to my USB Hard Drive. It’s available in my Finder and in the Dashboard too.

But when I disconnect my USB Hard Disk, there nothing in my Finder. But in Dashboard…

I can’t access to my files. It’s an empty folder

When you disconnect the USB hard drive from the My Cloud it will no longer be accessible. When disconnecting the USB hard drive it is recommended to use the USB icon within the Dashboard to unmount/eject the USB hard drive. The Dashboard USB icon:

On mobile devices it is generally recommended to use the WD mobile apps to access the My Cloud files, rather than use a web browser on the mobile device to access the Dashboard. See the My Cloud Learning Center for more information and links to the various mobile apps for Android and iOS.

:+1:t4: Of course I disconnected my hard drive using this button on dashboard.

On my iPhone I using My CLoud App.
On my Mac I using WD My Cloud.app

I can see in my dashboard there are files on the MyCloud

But I cannot see my files on IPhone App and on my WD MyCloud Browser

But in Dashboard…what?
You can see the files in the Dashboard Capacity display?

What is an empty folder?

Have you written files to the actual MyCloud (rather than the USB)? Or is the MyCloud empty?

Did you expect the MyCloud to automatically copy files from your USB drive to the MyCloud HDD? (It will not do that).

Is your problem that the Capacity viewer has not updated to reflect the fact that the USB drive has been removed?

Or did you have Shares on your MyCloud before you connected the USB drive, and you can no longer see those Shares on the MyCloud?

Thank you all for helping me. I have found the solution.
I reset the defaults

Settings > Tools > Restore Defaults Values

Sorry for my bad English.

My new problem is now denied SSH access.

MacBook:~ **$ ssh root@192.168.1.
Unable to negotiate with 192.168.1.
port 22: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss

in fact after removing my USB stick, I had no access to my files from the cloud

Did you activate SSH through the Dashboard after the reset?

If you copied your files to the USB stick rather than the My Cloud hard drive then it makes sense one wouldn’t have access to the files on the My Cloud when you removed the USB stick.

I wanted to copy from the USB key to the cloud. But when I connect my USB stick I have no access to the cloud. I have access only to the USB key.
Finally, after disconnecting my USB stick I had no access to my files on the cloud.

I’m really sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

Now when I try to log with SSH in terminal I have this response:
Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss

SSH is enabled and Port:22 it’s open

it works