I have a problem with my easy store 4TB when i clic it my pc stops working

My computer recognize it
but when I try to enter the disk my pc stops working and hangs and I cant longer turn it off normally I have to force it off.

I already passed you a chkdsk [unit] / f but I can’t correct the problem.

It is rare that such issue is directly related to the hard drive. Ensure that the computer system is configured for optimal performance. It is recommended to connect the hard drive directly to the computer’s USB port and avoid USB hub, try out different USB cables and USB ports. Connect the drive to a different PC to isolate the issue.

hi Jonty

I have already done what you told me and it still gives me a problem, it hangs on any machine, the worst thing is that now I start making noises

what I have left is to try to connect the disk in a linux operating system

I think I already lost all the information :frowning:

How did it perform last time you used it? Issues like that usually results from unexpected removal of Drive while transferring files, or something like that.