I have a Passport and a My Book....got a question


I have a 1tb my book, and an Ultra Passport. I have a question concerning when I log on to my computer, I type in my password to log into windows and then my home screen shows up. I do not have to sign into my …My Book. It logs me into it automatically. I love it, I have to actually go down to the task bar and click on the wd smartware icon and then double click on the the Passport icon when it opens. 

2 things, is there a way to automatically log into my Passport or because it is not powered until the computer logs me in. i understand that. 

And the other question, is there a way to at least have the " please enter your Password " pop up to at least come on my screen to remind me to log in ??incase I forget… Thanks a ton Bryan


Please note that you can disable the password protection on the passport and it will load automatically.

if the drive is allways plug in to the computer, it wont display the WD unlocker automatically, you will need to open that to unlock the drive.

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Ok thanks so far, if I unlock the drive and someone steals my drive will it stay locked? Thanks 

How do you turn the Password off…please advise…this is unreal how hard it is to manage.