I have a little problem with my wd passport

i have a wd passport ultra 2tb

im going to explain my problem

i have a laptop with windows 10

when i conect wd passport to my laptop it should apear the message of what to do with cd (D) wd unlock in windows notification corner, problem is that now it dont apear nothing, i have to manually go to windows explorer and make wd unlock manually to have acess to internal data because i have password, i put the password and it appear the notification of windows , what to do with this drive

if i conect to another laptop it apear what do you with this cd (d) wd unlock as it should apear

so what is the prloblem with my laptop, i already format it and still the same problem


Autoplay connectivity options are internally handled by Windows as default actions for similar devices.

The following official Microsoft Support Article is for older versions of Windows. I was unable to locate a specific official article for Windows 10, but it can be configured under Settings> Devices:


thanks for your reply

problem is that i try in 2 diferent laptops that have windows 10 and without no modification

im mine autoplay for wdunlocked isnt working, don´t know why

that like that you give me isnt to disable autoplay?